Progress Report:

This is it, for now.

For your benefit more than mine, I have updated the online representation of My Music by Me Music. I had had plans/desires to produce an even better site, but, in addition to being occupied with an ongoing cinematic project, after seven years of musical re-activation, I have become burned-out from the ridiculous amount of time/effort spent/wasted on representing/administering it. (This whole ". . . by me" thing is no joke.) If you don't see any new releases by me for a while, it doesn't mean that I'm not musically active, but that I'm not up to doing unpaid clerical work.

As of 3 January 2017: The compilations above can be listened-to and/or purchased as downloads or as CDs. All three Soundcloud accounts are back in action. The new Discography section (see the main menu, above) features links to album sampler medleys and to buy downloads and/or CDs. All active releases are found on Bandcamp, though in most cases, downloads of more than the sampler medleys have to be purchased via (try)chec links. The "social" sites (at the bottom of this site) have been revised, if their links are active.

Please feel free to contact me about purchasing, matters concerning using this site, and commissions or licensing. If you have a problem with the delivery or quality of a download or CD, contact the respective vendor about it. And no, I am no longer modeling, because acting is so much more fulfilling.