Undergoing Overhaul

E-commerce and other internetrics are being re-activated gradually.

Since late Spring of 2016, I have been at an impasse in regard to online presentation of my catalog of recordings. Some pages in the menu are still hosted at the former domain, which will go inactive at the end of January, 2017. They will be end up here, in some form, by that time. I plan to ultimately have all download vending and sampler medleys on this very site, but that development seems daunting at the moment. Moreover, I now find myself preoccupied with a video/film project, which should preoccupy me until Spring of 2017. This whole ". . . by me" thing is no joke, y'all.

As of 7 Dec 2016: Sampler medleys of albums/EPs by Steve Fitch are back up on Bandcamp, though their downloads have to be purchased via trychec.com. Offsite links to "everyone else's" pages on Bandcamp are now live again; their Chec/trychec.com purchasing pages are also live (though some of their downloads can be purchased via Bandcamp). The link to "Oddball" stuff is now also live again. Soundcloud accounts are blank or occluded. Compilations above present a whole day's worth of listening; you can also purchase them as downloads or as CDs (some with bonus tracks). Social sites (below) have been updated, as have the Discography and CD Editions off-sites pages. Feel free to contact me about purchasing, licensing or commissions.