Undergoing Overhaul

E-commerce and other internetric stuff are effectively suspended until better accommodations can be realized, time and opportunity permitting (some time this year).

Since late Spring of 2016, I have been at an impasse in regard to online presentation of my catalog of recordings. Some pages in the menu are still hosted at the "old" domain, which will go inactive in January of 2017. They will be commuted, in some form or another, to this domain; hopefully, by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, I have also to configure-out how to best present sampler-medleys of the albums, which until recently had been hosted at Bandcamp – which caused confusion as to where to really purchase the albums' downloads (which is at the Chek pages). Immediate leisure and wherewithal to tame this situation presently are not with me. Moreover, I now find myself preoccupied with a video/film project, which should distract me from music-making until Spring of 2017. This whole ". . . by me" thing is no joke, y'all.

Having said that being said with that being said with that said: Offsite links to individual artists' pages on Bandcamp are presently "dark;" Soundcloud accounts are blank or occluded; Chek pages for purchasing downloads are live. Compilations above present a whole day's worth of listening; you can also purchase them as downloads or as CDs (some with bonus tracks). Social sites are on indefinite hold until momentum is regained. Feel free to contact me about purchasing, licensing or commissions.